Thesis Theme Video Tutorials

Below you will find a selection of video tutorials created for Thesis Theme users who want to make the most out of their Thesis Theme.

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Free Thesis Theme Video Guide

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Start With My Thesis Video User Guide

Before you check out the links below, I have created a Thesis video tutorial guide especially for people who are brand new to Thesis or are still trying to learn all the ins and outs.

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Your First Steps Getting Set Up With The Thesis Theme

In this set of videos I will take you through the very first steps of getting started using Thesis.

I will walk through what the Thesis Theme is, how it works in combination with WordPress and how to install and activate Thesis. Finally, I will take you on a tour of the different sections of Thesis that you will come across when you are logged into your WordPress Admin.

Thesis Widgets

Thesis Boxes

Unique Thesis Websites

Are you interested in having access to more dedicated, in-depth Thesis training like this?

My Video Tutorial Library contains premium videos and Thesis courses to guide you through how to use your Thesis Theme.

New courses are added every month. Each one covering a new and different way of using Thesis for your website and growing your online business.
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A CSS Guide For Thesis Users

Below you will find CSS video tutorials specifically for Thesis users.

The videos are designed to take you through how to write CSS code, what all the code means and how to put it into action in your Thesis Skin. The videos will start at the very beginning of CSS and take you through each concept step by step starting with what CSS code means and how to add it to the Custom CSS area of the Thesis Theme.

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